Automatic PMCC Flash Point Tester


Automatic Flash Point Tester , Model AutoFlash-93 as per test methods cover the determination of the flash point of petroleum products in the temperature range from 40 to 360°C  and the determination of the flash point of biodiesel in the temperature range of 60 to 190°C.

Standard Methods

ASTM D 93(A/B/C), ISO 2719(A/B/C), JIS K2265, IP-34(A/B/C), IS1448 [P:21]

  • Microcontroller Based, Inbuilt PC with Touch Screen, RS232, USB, LAN Ethernet connections.
  • Build in barometric pressure sensor and automatic pressure correction.
  • Fire extinguisher with fire sensor and inert gas connection (CO2 or N2)
  • Automatic arm movements with permanently fixed sample cup lid, stirrer, sample temperature  sensor, Flash detector and Igniter for easy operation
  • Inbuilt centrifugal cooling blower  for cooling
  • Various Safety Interlocks
  • Methods, Results storage facility. Detail Result print or PDF