Manual PMCC Flash Point Tester

Manual Pensky Martin Flash Point Tester

The Manual Pensky Martin Flash Point Tester measures the flashpoint at the lowest temperature at which the application of an ignition source causes the vapors of a sample to ignite.

The apparatus is a benchtop model which houses the air bath stove and the stirrer motor: differently from other apparatus on the market, our instrument is equipped with a fan that cools down the stove quickly after the test.

A stainless steel test cup as an alternative to the standard type made of brass, is available upon request. It was developed for applications with aggressive or corrosive samples.

Technical Specification

Temperature from 40 to 360 Degree C
Power supply 230V
Power 700W
Dimensions 40x33x52 cm
Weight 11 kg

Product Description

Other Details:

  • Electrically heated by the electronic regulator, mounted on a case
  • painted with anti-acid epoxides products. Calibrated brass test
  • cup, cover with gas or electric ignition device allowing to ignite
  • the testing sample by a manual trip-opening. Motor stirrer for
  • Procedure “A” and “B”, air bath and cooling fan